In 2017 Elpis was founded to provide best in class training and support for Adobe's eLearning solutions. With a strong belief in the concept of information sharing we believe that an informed community will make the products better as a whole while also creating a better community for finding answers to common questions and issues. As such we are very open and creative with our clients and have a strong presence in the user communities of the tools we use. With more than a decade of experience behind our staff's knowledge of these tools we have the knowledge and ability to tackle any challenge.


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Jorma Jennings

From starting his training career as a Flight Instructor in 2005 to being a founding partner here at Elpis, Jorma has found a love in working with individuals and groups to find solutions. For more than ten years, he has been working with Adobe's eLearning tools and has found a love for how these tools can be used to meet most groups needs. 



Adobe Certified Instructor

Adobe Community Professional